Whatever happened to customer service?


Don’t think that as a business ourselves, we get treated any differently than an individual in terms of customer service. Constantly I am on hold for long periods, hung up on by vendors, or just ignored. A little bit of communication goes a long way and guess what? It’s not that hard.

Rant On

I find myself on tech support a lot for a lot of reasons. Since we are such a small company, it falls on ourselves to handle any issues and deal with it. If you are lucky enough to find a phone number, you are probably going to be put on hold for long periods of time with horrible hold music like “How deep is your love?” and then when you do get a human on the phone, they are reciting from a script. It’s super frustrating and they almost never actually help you. 

If the company offers a live chat, again, you will probably not get any help but they will probably manage to appease you for a short time before you have to go back and deal with it again. Even on the local scale, sometimes people never get back to me and I find myself constantly nagging. I get that am a small fry right now but a quick acknowledgement goes a long way.

Appreciation Time

When I do find someone that actually gets back to me, helps me, or just does their job, I will always keep using their service and promote them to others. Andrew and myself promised each other from the start of this business that we would always communicate to our clients even if it’s just a “Hi, we got your email, we are working on it, hope to have an answer for you by ___.” Because trust me when I say, I know how it feels to not get that and be left in limbo. We are all super busy nowadays, I get that too, but not too busy to leave people hanging.

Real People

Here at Goldilocks Promos, we like to think of ourselves as real people. We will not be reading from a script or reciting company policy back at you. It might be “easy” to order online but online companies don’t care about your end product. They don’t talk through anything with you. And good luck getting help if an issue should arise. If we make a mistake, we will admit it, fix it, and move on like it should be done. Customer Service might have died out in many spots, but not here at Goldilocks Promos. Come on and give us a shot.


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