Scent & Taste: More Effective Than You Think

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Scents have a 90% brand recall rate

Think of an aroma that’s a mixture of sweet, nutty, and chocolatey. Now imagine biting into a chocolate shell and tasting a creamy peanut butter center. Which brand comes to mind when you remember these sensations? Probably Reese’s, right? That is how powerful scent and taste are!

Remove the iconic orange wrapping with its bold yellow font, and many people will still associate the delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter with Reese’s peanut butter cups, even if it’s been years since they’ve tasted one.

The aroma and taste of Reese’s peanut butter cups are, in fact, so memorable that the brand has even ventured into creating a Reese’s Peanut Butter fragrance, makeup collection, and scented markers. How’s that for branding!

It’s Not Just Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Have you ever noticed that a unique scent can make you feel a certain way? Like when you smell freshly baked cookies, which reminds you of your grandma’s house, or when you smell chlorine, which reminds you of going to the pool.

Our sense of smell connects us to the systems in the brain that evokes emotions and memories more directly than any other system combined. So, while it’s not unusual for images or songs to evoke these emotional responses, it’s far more common to have a strong and immediate reaction to a particular smell or taste.

But What About Using Taste in Branding?

Closely related to smell is taste. Approximately 80-90% of what we experience as “taste” is, in fact, due to our sense of smell. This is readily apparent any time we catch a cold.

Candy and sugar are directly associated with some of our best memories and life events, such as birthday celebrations and holidays. Therefore, we naturally associate candy with joy, comfort, love, friendship, and family.

Not only that, consuming sugar releases dopamine in the nucleus accumbens – the part of your brain linked to reward, novelty, and motivation.

How do these positive feelings boost your branding?

Moods Become Associated With Brands

A pleasant fragrance or taste allows for brand recognition and positive brand impressions, instilling loyalty as people associate the smell or taste with the business and their previous positive experiences. In addition, as scent and taste affect mood, it can even make employees more productive!

Can Scent Branding Really Be That Effective?

As you can see, engaging the sense of smell or taste is an overlooked technique that can add a unique dimension to a brand’s promotional strategy. The question now is, how can your brand take advantage of scent marketing?

Take a Moment to Think About Your Brand

The first step is identifying your company’s brand identity, marketing messages, and target audience. Once you have a clear brand identity, pick a scent or taste that amplifies these values.

Let’s take a look at what we have to offer to help you define a signature scent for your brand:

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The Next Step to Promote Your Brand

Now that you’re aware of how scent and taste branding is more effective than most people know, think about which scent or flavors best suit your brand’s identity.

Imagine connecting with your customers in a truly unique and memorable way, like a special secret that you both share.

Once you have some ideas in mind, explore our sister brands and browse through our extensive catalog of products. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect promotional products for your brand.

After All, You Want Your Company to Stand Out, Right?

Include scent and taste branding as part of your overall branding strategy, and who knows? You might find your brand becoming as unforgettable as the creamy, delicious taste of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Check out this e-catalog for easy browsing and inspiration for lovely food gifts or click here for kits that combine taste and smell together! Or better yet, stop by our office to taste some goodies!


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