Rejected-How We Quality Control

We have all been there. You order something, open the box, and your item is destroyed inside. Sometimes it might have happened in transit. But other times, it’s just carelessness of the company you ordered from. If you have ordered from big online promotional product companies, I can guarantee you that no one has quality controlled that box. We at Goldilocks Promos always quality control the orders before they get to you!

Quality Control Realness

Shipments arrive all of the time to our location with the items inside that aren’t 100%. They are damaged, misprinted, stained, wrong color, wrong item, etc. What sets us apart from the competition is that Andrew and myself (Alex) take the time to go through every product through your order and quality check it. While we don’t like reliving and discussing things that go wrong, it’s important to us to be real about what happens behind the scenes.

Clean Bags

On one order, we ordered reusable bags for a client and all of them had black stains inside and outside of the bags. It was black ink from silk-screening that got on every one. We ended up cleaning them all by hand. If it was really bad, we would have rejected the order and waited for a new order to come in. That is what separates us apart from the competition.

Hulk Bottles

On another order, we had a rush job of water bottles that needed to be engraved and ship across the country very fast. They arrived in and we quickly noticed that the snap lids on each bottle were broken. You had to have the strength of the incredible hulk to try and close the lid. They were going to children and elderly people, we can’t give someone lids that require massive strength to close. Replacements were shipped back out to us just in time for our client’s event. And don’t worry, we will never sell these again. Shop for very nice bottles here!

Slight dent and scratch on a waterbottle that was rejected by us.

If there are is a part of your job that is not up to snuff, we will discount it and let you know about it.

When you order from Goldilocks Promos, just know that quality is something we strive for. Quality control is part of the order process because our clients deserve the best. Contact us today to start an order!


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