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Types of Popular Promotional Products

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Why Goldilocks Promos?

Have you ordered something from an online retailer and weren’t happy with the results? Our mission is to fix that because we aren’t just a typical point and click website that doesn’t care about their clients. We are happy to actually talk you through your needs and find what will be just right for you. With graphic design backgrounds, we offer custom artwork design services instead of the regular stock clipart that everyone uses. We also have samples (or can often get a sample for you) so you can try before you buy. Come visit our showroom to see numerous examples of promotional products, awards, plaques, gifts, & laser engraved goodies! We look out for not only businesses from small to large but also to individuals as well. Support local and shop small business in the Capital Region.

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Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited options and have no idea where to start? No big deal! We know how to take your budget, audience, and artwork and come up with some fabulous ideas that meet your exact needs. We’ve been in the industry for years and know what is trending and what is old hat. If this is your first time buying swag, are facing a time crunch, or you’re running into a creative wall, let us know and we’ll do the work for you to find the imprinted swag for your event, gift, corporate program, giveaway, tradeshow, (or whatever occasion you can come up with) that is just right for you.

Why Promotional Products?

Promotional Bottles

You know those tchotchkes that everyone loves to have? Well, they have a big impact on sales.

Advertising specialties are consistently ranked the most effective form of advertising ahead of broadcast, print, online, and mobile across all age groups.

We are able to supply your company with every possible promotional product from over 3000 suppliers in the United States and internationally.