Our Story

Our Story

About Us

Once upon a time,

Goldilocks Promos was founded by Alex Jarvis in 2019. With over 14 years experience, she was previously
working as graphic & production designers spellbound by the 9-5 grind. She decided to embark on a
journey to control her own own destiny – providing the Capital Region with services and products that
are just right. As a graphic design wizard, we wanted direct access to clients, the ability to offer high
quality products and solutions, and the chance to artistically brand clients regardless of their budget. The
only way to achieve this was to create Goldilocks Promos. We created our happily ever after and want to help you do the same!

Why Goldilocks Promos?

We felt there was a need in the market that applied the Goldilocks principle – just the right amount.

From the all too cold big online retailers to the too hot smaller company that requires a lot of back and forth. We provide a unique point of view from an artists perspective. We cater to businesses of all sizes without the cold corporate feel.

Meet The Crew

alex headshot

"Master of Merch"

Alex was born and raised in the Capital Region and is proud to call this area home. 

Alex has been in the design game a long time and would be a black belt if graphic designers had belts. 

With many years of experience in a variety of fields, she has a great eye for anything that is out of place. 

In her spare time, she enjoys rotting her brain with bad television found on Bravo. If you like any of the Real Housewives or any show on Bravo, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ever in trouble, just give her some chocolate or snacks and all will be forgiven. Alex’s hobbies include reading and collecting antiques but not much time for hobbies.


Movie genre: Drama

Promo/merch item: T-Shirts

Color combo: Light Pink and Emerald Green

Candle scent: Anything from nature like pine or florals

Office snack: Chocolate

Artist: Gustav Klimt

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jenny headshot

Graphic Designer/Laser Engraver

Born in Maryland, Jenny moved to the Upstate New York region to study Digital Media Arts and Sociology and decided to stick around after graduating. Fueled by coffee and indie music, Jenny handles all laser engraving jobs, ranging from tumblers to baseball gloves. She is a fan of Neo-Brutalism, retro, and illustrative design, but happy to carry out anyone’s design wishes. As a lover of all animals and mom to two golden retrievers, Jenny will also be happy to talk pets, rock climbing, horror movies, or hockey!


Movie genre: Thrillers

Promo/merch item: Tote bag

Color combo: Teal and Rust Orange

Candle scent: Maple Butter Rum

Office snack: Smartfood popcorn

Artist: Jordan Casteel


Head Shots by iSmile Studios

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