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Shopping local is trending majorly and we are here to help out the Capital Region any way we can. Online retailers are focused on quantity over quality which is why these details get overlooked. It can be difficult to navigate through the various options and overwhelming to deal with all of the options. Our mission is to apply the Goldilocks Principle to the promotional product industry – finding what is just right for our clients. We have the knowledge and experience to take the hassle out of ordering swag.

We’ve got your back

Goldilocks Promos is a small company that focuses on working with local businesses in the Capital Region. Online companies aren’t part of this community and won’t be able to make personalized recommendations about what would be just right for you or your business. Sure, they can tell you the most popular overall products (like umbrellas). However, they won’t mention that umbrellas are most popular in Florida but most of us in the Northeast would prefer an ice scraper this time of year. They also aren’t proactive in planning ahead like we are. We’ll have your next event in our calendar to help make sure you are prepared and deadlines are met. Big retailers don’t think outside the box but we also have a considerable amount of experience with project management and custom projects.

Eye for Artwork

Goldilocks Promos has not one, but two professional graphic designers. They have been in the game for years and make dealing with the artwork easy. They can add style or keep it simple when appropriate. We know how to adhere to brand guidelines and maintain brand consistency. Many years in the industry has taught us to setup files for any production process. We will let you know what will or won’t work on certain items, imprint areas, or production methods. If something is out of place, we will always let you know.

Let us do the heavy lifting

There are many variables in this industry and we have dealt with them all and lead you to what will be just right for you. If we see something out of place, we will let you know because our job is to make you look good. Let us deal with the stuff we are good at so you can focus on what your strengths.

Hidden Fees

Online retailers are experts at sneaking in charges. These include setup, proofs, imprint colors (PMS matches) and anything else they can think of. The worst part is not finding out until the order is placed or you are at the checkout and have to begin your search all over again. We will always be transparent about additional or unavoidable charges in advance so you aren’t blindsided by the final total.

Start here for ideas and contact us today to start! 

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