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Let’s talk art.

Vector artwork always works best but we can work with (almost) anything! Send us your vector art or a raster art files per the specs below to start.

If you don’t have anything, you are in luck because we are Graphic Designers. Questions about art? You came to the right place. With backgrounds in various forms of production, we are well equipped to help regardless of the project or production method.

Preferred file types include- Adobe Illustrator (.ai), eps, PDF, or a 300 dpi (minimum) high resolution jpg at actual size. Providing lists or copy in email, word, or excel files would be helpful to ensure all text is correct. Fonts should be converted to outlines. Any images should be embedded and not linked in the file. If you have brand guidelines, please pass those along so we don’t get scolded by your marketing department. We are very familiar with following brand guidelines, and as artists ourselves, we understand how important it is to adhere to brand guidelines. Specify PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors to us so we can come close with stock inks or do exact PMS matches.

How can I send you my artwork?

Email is easiest but for larger file sizes (over 30MB), please send files through Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or feel free to stop in with a USB and say hi! Just invite to the file and we will take it from there.

Don’t know if you have vector artwork or not? Send us all you have and we can check very easily and let you know if we can work with it.

Vector vs Raster

Read this if art is not your thing

Having knowledge in artwork is not necessary to place an order. What you should know is that it matters to ensure your final product looks the best it can be. Let us worry about the art for you. Start by emailing us what logos you do have or reference images of something you see online of something you liked and we will go from there. If the artwork is not in the correct format (see below), we will convert it for you. We will spare you the lectures and technical jargon.

If you’re the type of person that wants to learn something new, read the below.

What is the difference between raster and vector art and why does it matter?

To simplify, a raster is an image. You can easily find rasters in a google image search and on your website. Rasters are fine for certain applications, including printing, if they have a high enough resolution. They become pesky if they are low resolution because if you try to make them larger, they will appear blurry and pixelated. Images also can’t be modified or manipulated easily. Raster images include .jpg, .png, .tif, .psd (Photoshop).

Because of that, we will almost always use vector artwork.

Vector images are mathematical calculations from one point to another that form lines and shapes. When you zoom into a vector graphic it will always look the same. They can also be manipulated easily in artwork programs such as Adobe. Trust us when we say we are constantly sizing, resizing, color correcting, adding in, taking out, and doing lots of other behind the scenes things to artwork files (with your permission of course). After all, it’s your order and your artwork file. You will always be the last to sign off on final approval.

Why should you care? Well, sometimes converting raster to vector comes with some artwork charges. Therefore, if you already had a logo and just didn’t send us the right file type that you already had somewhere, that would be an unnecessary added expense to you. Also, we want you to have brand consistency with the same logo in the same colors used for all of your marketing needs.


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